Groove Garden 
Greetings, everyone, my brand new album is finally out and many people are calling it my "best album ever!"
I am very proud of this album. Not only does Groove Garden deliver some of the deepest beats and funkiest jams I've ever laid down . . . it features phenomenal vocals by NYC hip-hop artist D Rose . . . as well as some of the most incredible performances you'll ever experience by many of the country's most talented musicians!
Groove Garden contains over 75 minutes of all-original music and is available both on CD and digital download. Once you start listening, you will not want to stop!
Buy your copy of Groove Garden today.

Other News . . .
THE 4-11 - Great news, everyone! Word is starting to get out on my new album. Smooth Jazz Daily, the worldwide contemporary-jazz online magazine, recently wrote an in-depth article announcing its release. Read all about it here. In addition, numerous PR newswires throughout the world are also getting the word out. Make sure to check it out
SOCIAL STUFF - It's always nice to connect with my listeners, and if you'd like to get to know some of my fans from around the world, make sure to check out my popular sites at both Facebook and MySpace. I'd love to hear from you!

URBAN LIFE - Don't forget to buy a copy of my previous albums Urban Playground and Life Games. Both albums 
unite the diverse worlds of funk, jazz, rock, hip-hop and electronic into one powerful musical statement, delivering over 75 minutes of music each. If you don't already have a copy of these albums, you don't want to miss out.
WINNING THE WORLD - Great news for electronica fans! My brand new drum 'n' bass album Won World is now available. The album takes you on a voyage into a futuristic urban world of global unity while delivering some of the hardest, fastest and funkiest jungle breakbeats I've ever recorded.
Electronica Magazine wrote: ". . . whether Isaiah is firing out scattershot jungle drums or caressing you with mellow downtempo, he manipulates the mood on Won World to seduce his listeners as deftly as he can rip out infectious beats and delicious bass hooks . . ."
Listen to and download Won World.
DIGITAL TIMES - All of my albums are currently available for digital download at nearly 200 different digital music stores worldwide. (You can purchase by individual song or album.) Make sure to check them out at your favorite digital music retailer.
Download songs from Groove Garden on iTunes.
Download songs from Urban Playground on iTunes.
Download songs from  Life Games on iTunes.
STAY TUNED - So that's it for now. But as you can see, there are exciting things happening, so make sure to visit this site often for frequent updates.
Best always!